Secure your valuables and protect your identity and privacy with miiTag security tags and stickers

miiTag secures your valuables without compromising your privacy or risking your identity.

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miiTag secures your valuables without compromising your privacy or risking your identity.

Powered by miiCard, the online identity verification service, miiTag means you never have to write your name on any of your valuables ever again.

This free service combines unique codes and a secure online environment so you can tag your things without having to share your personal information.

miiTag is proudly brought to you by the team at miiCard - dedicated to creating trust online.


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  • Add a reward if you like
  • Attach your tag and away you go knowing your identity and privacy are protected
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miiCard (My Internet Identity) is your "trusted digital passport" that lets you prove your real identity, purely online and in minutes.

With miiCard it's easy to to build trust and confidence with your peers without ever meeting in person and and you can enjoy the convenience and security of proving your identity with sites and services who need to know you really are who you say you are.

Most importantly with miiCard you have complete control of your online identity and personal information and how you use it - always.