Secure your valuables and protect your identity and privacy with miiTag security tags and stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my miiTags?

Sign in to miiTag with miiCard to register your tags and protect your identity. Registering with miiCard gives you control of your online identity and helps when you need to create trust online with someone who finds your item.

You can also register with Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Microsoft accounts and add will have the ability to verify add a miiCard account later.

How much does it cost?

Once you have bought your miiTags, the miiTag service is free to use for life.

How do I get miiTags?

You can buy tags from the miiTag store here >>

To get a free tag Sticker Pack simply sign up to miiTag with miiCard.

What should I tag?

We recommend you tag the valuable items you take out and about with you - like your phone, laptop, luggage and keys.

What kinds of miiTags do you have?

Right now we have key chains and stickers and are looking at other useful and creative ways for you to tag your belongings. Take a look at the miiTag store here >> .

If you have an idea for a miiTag please send it to or Tweet to @miiTag.