Secure your valuables and protect your identity and privacy with miiTag security tags and stickers

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miiTags are available in various colors and styles including durable metal tags as stickers.

Sorry! Due to unprecedented demand, we are currently out of stock of aluminium tags.
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Aluminium miiTag

The aluminium miiTag with ball chain is lightweight and perfect for tagging items like bags, luggage and keys - 1 x tag.

$7.99 (includes postage)

miiTag Security Stickers

miiTag security stickers are durable and water proof. Stick them on your phone and laptop - 10 x stickers.

$7.99 (includes postage)

miiTag Starter Pack

Get tagging your valuables with the miiTag Starter Pack. Contains 2 x aluminium tags and 10 x security stickers.

$10.99 (includes postage)

miiTag Family Pack

Share miiTag with your family and friends. The miiTag Family Pack contains 5 x aluminium tags and 20 x security stickers.

$15.99 (includes postage)